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Blackjack AI Bots @ Build 2014

The Blackjack AI Bot coding competition gives you a chance to create an AI bot that plays Blackjack against other Build attendees using an Azure-hosted SignalR Blackjack game service. If your bot is in the top 10 highest virtual money, you’ll win real prizes!

Build AI Bots Screenshot

Getting Started

1. Download the BlackjackBot project using the Download link on the right.
  • – Includes a WPF, console, TypeScript and Azure Cloud Service and Worker Role projects to run your bot in Azure. You will also need to download the Azure 2.2 SDK for .NET for the Azure projects.
2. After downloading, extract the contents of the project to a directory
3. Register your bot at
  • Enter a unique Name and Key and keep this information
4. Open the project to update the Name and Key of your bot with the information from step #2
public class CustomBot : IBot
        private const string Key = "KEY_GOES_HERE -";
        public CustomBot()
            //make sure to register your bot to get a valid name and key!
            BotName = "BOTNAME_GOES_HERE -";
5. Click F5 to run the project and click the Play Solo or Play with Others button.

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